Our products are primarily consumed by the manufacturers of mechanical rubber goods. For the express purpose of this industry we launch a novelty - zinc oxide with increased specific surface area.In its chemical properties the said product is fully conform to BC0M GOST 202-84 which allows doing without alteration of the procurement procedure.



As a rubber compound activator a particle of zinc oxide with high specific surface area has higher diffusion inside the rubber compound and high contacting with the atoms of cross-link precursors between the polymer chains during compounding and vulcanization processes, therefore, it can improve the physical properties of the vulcanized rubber, in addition to that, they can be added to rubber with low amounts — we can add 20% to 50% less of the component into rubber compound formulation remaining end product’s mechanical-and-physical properties unchanged and sometimes even improving them.

Viability of our products is certified by results of the study focused on the impact of new grades of zinc oxide on properties of rubber compounds and curing agents used in passenger tyre wall and tread formulations. According to the study performed by Biosintez OOO (Limited Liability Company) PSK (Manufacturer and Service Provider) (Orgkhim, Voronezh) it was revealed that addition 30% less of our product into the formulation does not exert a meaningful impact on the properties of rubber compounds and curing agents.